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We, Suzuki, have spent an enormous amount of time on the water comparing, developing, and testing outboards, and just plain enjoying boating. So long ago we concluded that the ultimate outboard is one that gives the user a sense of excitement and satisfaction. To that end, we focus our time, energy, knowledge, skills, and the most advanced technologies at our disposal, exploring and developing technologies and designs that give our outboards a superior edge, whether it be in the form of improved performance, greater durability, higher fuel efficiency, or quieter operation.

Today, Suzuki is a leader in outboard technology and performance and we will continue the challenge towards new technological innovations and higher target so that we can provide you with the ultimate experience on the water!




Performance – Suzuki – The right choice for your business

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There are many compelling reasons why more and more boat operators are turning to Suzuki outboards to power their commercial craft. Here are just a few of them.   FUEL…

Ease & Comfort – What you need to know about your boat’s Certificate of Fitness?

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All boats, except if powered by 15 horsepower or less, must obtain a certificate of fitness from a SAMSA officer, safety officer or an authorized agency. This is obtained by…

How to get your boat registration number?

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Suzuki Outboards Designed To Provide You With The Ultimate Boating Experience

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ECOLOGY AND ECONOMY Ecology and Economy features are included to benefit both the user and our environment with low maintenance cost and fuel efficiency but with low exhaust and environment…