Our customers are everything. We strive to always be transparent, helpful and to deliver excellent service honestly and professionally.


​Here are our 10 Care Commitments to The Suzuki Family:

  • To deliver on every promise we make to you.

  • To give you, our valued customer, the quality service you deserve.

  • To conduct business with openness and integrity.

  • To strive to make it right the first time.

  • To put your needs first.

  • To listen. Your say is important to us.

  • To fully disclose the terms of our products and services to all our customers.

  • To make sure that our services are easily accessible to all.

  • To go above and beyond the call of duty when necessary.

  • To knock your socks off with our brilliant service

Suzuki Customer Care is here to assist you where possible but since Suzuki Head Office doesn't directly sell or service any marine equipment, we would advise that if you have a specific enquiry, please contact your closest dealer to get the fastest possible response.

Suzuki Marine Complaints Procedure

  • Speak to your Authorized Suzuki Dealer

    • If you have any concerns about your Suzuki outboard or Suzumar or the service you have received, first discuss it with your Suzuki Marine Dealer.

  • Contact Suzuki Marine South Africa Customer Care

    • If you are not satisfied with the response you have received from your Suzuki Mariine dealer, or would like to raise a complaint about the dealer directly with us, please send us your complaint in writing together with any supporting documents.

    • Email: customercare@suzukiauto.co.za

    • Phone: 086 151 1111

  • Contact Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa (MIOSA)

    • The MIOSA is impartial and focuses on the resolution of disputes where a deadlock has been reached between the automotive and related industries and their customers. The office of the MIOSA makes recommendations in cases referred to it where all parties are unable to reach mutually acceptable agreements when a dispute arises. The ombud provides fair unbiased, reasonable, economical and quick relief to the public and the sector. To submit a complaint, complete an Assistance Request Form that you find on www.miosa.co.za and email it to info@miosa.co.za.



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