100 years of Innovation

Suzuki comes from pretty humble beginnings and now has over 100 years of heritage behind its name. Michio Suzuki, then a producer of looms (a device used for weaving textiles) pursued his passion for cars and bikes and founded the company in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1909.

During the post WWII period, Suzuki’s motorized bike – the Power Free – earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Hot on its tracks was the 125 cc Colleda motorcycle and the pioneering Suzulight lightweight car that stimulated Japan’s automotive revolution. Michio Suzuki’s focus was simply on reliable, affordable methods of transportation.

Each of these vehicles was a significant development, as they were engineered by optimising the most advanced technologies of the period. So since 1955, Suzuki Motor Corporation has grown immensely and today their products are available in 192 countries worldwide.

We created our first outboard motor in 1965 and will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the D55 in 2015. We have come a long way since then and our current range of four stroke outboards is second to none in the market place. Our engineers are passionate about boating and spend all of their time perfecting our fuel-efficient and technologically advanced four stroke outboard motors so that our products enable you to maximize your time on the water. So, from the lightweight and portable DF2.5 to the award winning power of the DF350A, we’ve got an outboard to suit your way of life.


2020 marked the 100th anniversary of Suzuki’s long history.

With the rich history of nearly 100 years, and the experience and knowledge of automobile, motorcycle, and outboard motor development, Suzuki has come to provide technology and service unprecedented in the marine business.
And with the “Yaramaika” spirit, Suzuki has grown to create innovation and satisfaction to customers around the world.


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Suzuki Marine would like to wish you a wonderful Festive season and a Happy New Year!