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Why service your outboard

By 22nd Sep 2020Technical Advice

Why you should get your outboard serviced by an Authorized Suzuki Marine Dealer

Don’t you wish there was one place that had everything you needed to know about outboard services, outboard care, and outboard maintenance? We did too, which is why we’ve pulled together all the information you need to know about caring for your outboard’s health and longevity.

Below we list all you need to know about keeping your outboard in good condition. If you keep up-to-date with services, maintenance, and care, you will lower costs, lengthen the lifespan of your outboard, and increase your resale value.

Outboard Services

Periodic Outboard services and annual check-ups keep your motor running smoothly and are essential to maintaining its warranty.

Here, we will explain why Suzuki Marine dealers care so much about services, why your outboard needs a service, what happens during a service and more. Why don’t you start by scheduling your next service before the summer rush?

Five reasons to service your outboard at regular intervals

Servicing your outboard saves you money by preventing wear and tear. Regular services will also help you keep your vehicle in a reasonable condition and catch any concerns or glitches before they can cause extensive damage. Your first service should occur at 20 hours, then every 100 hours or once a year (whichever comes first).

The top five reasons to have your engine serviced are:

  • Performance: Regular servicing reduces the wear and tear of your motor, meaning that it is always operating at its peak potential.
  • Lower costs: If your motor is always running at its peak, it means that you will have an overall lower cost of ownership. Servicing helps identify and prevent many of the large-scale and expensive problems early.
  • Higher resale value: What more can we say? Most buyers look for a full service history because it is an indication that the motor was well maintained… so, to ensure a good trade-in value, try not to miss a service.
  • Keeping it eco-friendly: We’re all aware that motor emissions produce pollution. Regular maintenance helps your motor emit less dangerous fumes and fluids than it would if it was performing poorly.
  • Maintaining your warranty: A warranty is your outboard manufacturer’s promise that the parts in the outboard will work optimally, and that they will replace them if they break due to manufacturing fault. You need to honour your slice of this agreement with regular services to keep the parts working as they should. The manufacturer can’t promise that the parts will keep working if they don’t receive the treatment they need during their lifespan.

Are there different types of outboard services?

Yes, you get different types of services, the type of service depends on your outboard’s age or hours on the clock. The service options will include the following:

  • Engine Oil replacement and Lubrication
  • Anodes (External) & Bonding wire inspection
  • Gearbox oil replacement
  • Low pressure fuel filter inspection
  • Several other essential inspections.

Services may also include the following:

  • Spark plug inspection/replacement
  • Breather & Fuel line check
  • Anodes (Internal powerhead)
  • Battery and Charging system check
  • Engine oil filter replacement
  • Low pressure fuel pump filter replacement
  • Idle speed check
  • Tappet clearance (Valve lash) check
  • Water pump impeller check/replacement
  • Propeller/propeller nut & cotter pin check
  • Bolt & Nuts check
  • Thermostat check

Remember to book your engine’s service at your closest Suzuki Marine dealership.


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