What To Lookout For When Buying A Boat For Watersports

By 7th Jul 2020 Jul 13th, 2020 Buying a boat

If you’re in the market for a sport boat to use for wakeboarding, water skiing, or your favorite water sport, you may not know where to start. For towing sports you want a boat that is quick and agile, sleek and compact. With so many different water sports boats available, it’s sometimes hard to tell which one is right for your needs. Consider which watersports you primarily intend to use you boat for and take a look at your options.


Bowriders are designed to be open, most often with a walk through dash/windscreen and features convenient comforts while also allowing watersports. With two forward seats and usually with a lounge at the rear, it’s an ideal boat for family outings, watersports and general cruising. It’s a popular boat for people new to boating who want to start with a fuss-free option with versatile features.

Bowriders are designed with family sports boating in mind and are the perfect choice for water sports lovers (water skiing, tubing, waking, etc.). They provide the space you need to cruise comfortably. Featuring a driver seat, spacious seating area for passengers and swim platforms at the stern, this type of boat is great for family outings and solo cruises. Many bowriders have the crossover functionality to double as fishers or family day boats.

Waterski boats usually have a fitted tow bar or wake tower around which the ski rope is securely attached. With its extended height, a wake tower is ideal for skiers that love to get airtime – basically, it helps more advanced waterskiers get more height when doing jumps and waterski tricks. Polypropylene ski ropes are best for towing as this material stretches, floats on water, and doesn’t tangle easily. The length of the ski rope should be roughly 20 meters and strong enough to handle an approximate weight of 350kg. You’ll also want a ski handle that’s designed specifically for skiing and these are usually short with a wide rubber-moulded grip.

Wake towers can also be added for avid water sports enthusiasts. Particularly for wakeboarding, you want a boat that is equipped with additional ballast capacity, hydrofoil and wedges. Cruise control is another useful feature, keeping the boat at a constant speed, which is essential for a great wakeboarding experience.

The type of water ski used depends on the level of a skier and the style of skiing. It may be worthwhile investing in a pair of combination skis which are slightly wider and can be used by beginners and more advanced skiers. There’s also the option of trick or slalom skis for the adventurous types who have plenty of ski hours under the belt. The slalom is a single ski with binding grips for both feet, the dominant foot in front of the other – whilst the trick ski is a thinner pair which may have a fin on the underside for fast gliding and easy maneuvering. For younger waterskiers, opt for children’s skies – these are smaller, and are tied together at the back and at the front.

Life jackets are crucial for any boat-based watersports. A level 50 is deemed suitable for waterskiing activities – keeping competent swimmers afloat. Ensure that you have enough life jackets for everyone on board, including the waterskier! Life jackets should fit properly and be SAMSA-approved.

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