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The Suzuki SDS Mobile App – Switch & Save Of Time, Effort And Money

By 23rd Mar 2020May 11th, 2020Accessories, News

So what’s the big hype about the Suzuki Diagnostics app?

The Suzuki Diagnostics System (SDS) Mobile App can be installed on your smart phone and is available for iOS and Android.

The SDS App works in tandem with the Suzuki Multi Function Gauge (MFG.)

This means that you can now extract the information from your outboard into digital format, which is generated in a QR Code that can be found on your Suzuki Multi Function Gauge.

By simply scanning the QR code you instantly upload data. This data includes the engine number, number of hours since the last oil change, total engine hours of operation at different rpm.

This data can be stored on your smart phone and be emailed to your closest authorized Suzuki dealer or can be mailed straight from the app.

What makes this so great?

Well first of all – It’s FREE

Secondly this saves you time, money and the effort of taking your boat to the dealer for assessment. Parts and service goods can be ordered prior to your outboard arriving for services and the information is readily available hassle free.

You can also access your own cruising information such as cruising hours at each rpm.

So where do you get the app?

Follow this link for iOS Apple devices:

Follow this link for Andriod Devices:


SWITCH & SAVE with SUZUKI taking your time, money and effort further






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