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By 11th Jan 2022Suzumar

As many of us know, South Africa boasts some of the best camping locations in the world with the abundance of rivers and wildlife available within a few hours of driving throughout the country.

With the off-road caravan scene being ever so popular for visiting some remote of the most remote locations, such as the Doring River just a few hours out of Cape Town, the big question is, HOW DO I ALSO TOW THE PERFECT FISHING BOAT FOR THE TRIP?

Well luckily, Suzuki offers the perfect package for these trips in the form of the Suzumar range. Simply pack up and go, pair with the perfect smaller Suzuki outboard and you will be on the water in no time targeting that new personal Bass or Yellowfish record.

Suzumar inflatables have been designed and built to specifications laid-down by Suzuki to meet the demands from boating enthusiasts for a range of quality inflatable boats.

The 3 models include tenders, family run-abouts and sports inflatables from 2.9m to 3.9m, which are offered as highly competitively priced Suzuki powered packages.

Constructed from heavy duty material with inflatable keels for good stability and control and aluminium or glass fibre floors providing the strength needed for more demanding performance and conditions.

Suzumar inflatable boats are to be equipped with short shaft outboard motors.

Each craft comes with stainless steel fittings, wooden seat and oars, repair kit, foot pump and carrying bag.

So the next time you are planning that family getaway to the great outdoors make sure you get down to your local Suzuki Marine dealer and get your hands on your very own Suzumar package.



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