The Importance Of A Test Drive

By 30th Jun 2020 Buying a boat

You’ve got your heart set on a boat, but have you taken it for a spin? Here’s why you should test drive a boat before signing the paperwork.

Buying a boat is a huge decision and goes much deeper than simply wanting something that “looks so sexy”.

Boats are a both a big expense and something that impacts our lifestyle. We want to spend quality time on the water so it’s important the boat fits in with both our application and our lifestyle. You can’t accurately make a judgement call by simply checking a boat out on the showroom floor – you need to experience the boat in action, out on the open water. This applies to both new and used boats.

The following tips will help you ensure that when you officially take ownership of your new baby, she’s definitely going to be the perfect boat for you.



Test drive the boats on your wish list back to back.

This will give you the best chance to make a direct comparison as the experience of each boat will still be fresh in your memory.


Take charge of the test drive.

This is your potential new boat, not your salesperson’s potential new boat – don’t feel pressured into rushing your decision. You need to be 100% sure that you’ve fully acquainted yourself with the boat and are in a better position to make an informed choice. This being said, if you’re not a serious buyer don’t waste the salesperson’s time.


Drive the boat the way you would normally drive.

If you normally have the radio on, test the radio, if you have cool drinks on the boat, look for conveniently placed cup holders. Don’t be afraid to check the details and make sure the boat is practical and comfortable for your use. This is by far the most important part of a test drive. Remember, once you’ve signed the paperwork the boat is yours and if you suddenly realize the storage compartment is in a really awkward spot, it’s too late. Make sure you’re making the right choice – your boat is a long term investment.


Now that you know what to look out for on your test drive, why not visit a Suzuki dealership and take your future Suzuki boat for a spin? Whether you’re looking for a sleek dam boat like the Sensation 22SX with the Suzuki DF200 or a fishing companion like the Mallards Cobra Cat, Suzuki has a boat package to suit every personality!


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