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#Testimonial – Why The Bass Couple decided to buy the DF250STL

By 10th Sep 2020Testimonials

We have been asked a lot in the past few weeks the same question.
What made us buy the Suzuki 250SS motor and are we happy with it?
Since we bought our Crackleback 600 we knew we had to look at a bigger engine than our Optimax 200 to give us optimum performance. So we started to compare and look what is available in the new and secondhand engine market. We realized that the secondhand market is our only option if we wanted to stay with Mercury or Yamaha. The problem was we spend mega bucks on our Optimax to get it 100%, which was also bought secondhand and that’s where our concern lay in buying another secondhand motor. It is like drawing straws. If you do not know the owner or history of that engine, you may end up in the same boat we were in. We wanted reliability which we can afford.
That’s when we started to look into the Suzuki range. Did a lot of research on finding out more about the 250SS and problems it may have. There are plenty of videos on Youtube on other brands, but I came across one video where Elite Anglers compared 3 brands. Suzuki is the only brand that does not have a support crew touring with the Elites for breakdowns. That must be the best statement any engine manufacturer can make i.e to reliability. I simply could not find major breakdown issues etc on Google.
Then we started to chat with some of our deep sea fishing friends and we realized Suzuki is seemingly the biggest brand for that environment. You absolutely need reliability when you go onto the Deep Blue.
But now in Bass fishing you also need speed in a competition environment. Many told us we will probably run at 105km/h max. I guess they underestimated the performance and torque this engine has to offer.
Cruising speed on our ship is now 112km/h with no chinning and in choppy water 106km/h. Have not yet pushed it to its top speed but reaches 118km/h easy.
Let us now talk pricing. Your average price on secondhand 250 and up Mercury’s and Yamaha’s range between R190K and R240k and no warranty. New they range between R320 and R400k. Look both brands are serious contenders in the competitive bass circuit and performance wise both has their ticks where they do come in a little better than the Suzuki or so they claim. But at +-R241k for the Suzuki 250SS brand new installed and 3 year warranty, what is the logical choice? We are extremely happy with our choice. The past weekend I took a few die hard other brand guys to feel the power for themselves. They were impressed for sure.
So guys who know us, also know we do not do sales pitches just for the sake of selling. We always try to help guys to take informed decision because of all the things we experienced in the past.
Should you be in the market for a new Suzuki feel free to contact Craig Stephens from Marine Components with your enquiry. Excellent service and pricing on his Suzuki range. You can also contact your local Suzuki dealership for any enquiry. Come and say hi if you see us on the water and would like to experience the ZUK power. You will be impressed.
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