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Suzuki Warranty – We Are Right Behind You

By 22nd Oct 2020Technical Advice

The comprehensive Suzuki factory backed warranty will bring you complete peace of mind and confidence in your new Suzuki, joining the millions of already happy Suzuki family members around the World.

Suzuki is at the forefront of motor vehicle design and technology and invests heavily in the research, development and engineering of its products. The finished Suzuki product offers customers outstanding reliability, quality and value for money.

Your new Suzuki product undergoes rigorous factory testing to ensure that not only the final product is outstanding, but the operation and functionality of the vehicle’s many systems are no less than perfect. Additionally, before delivery to you the customer, every new Suzuki motor receives a full and comprehensive Pre-delivery service by your Suzuki Dealer to ensure that everything works.

With an owner transferable warranty on all Suzuki motors, you have full peace of mind when it comes to buying a used Suzuki.

Complete Warranty Terms and Conditions are available from all Suzuki Dealers and detailed in the Warranty Policy and Service Information booklet supplied with every vehicle.

Leisure use in SOUTH AFRICA – 3 years for 4-strokes and 1 year for 2-strokes

If you buy your Suzuki 4-stroke outboard in South Africa and register it for leisure use in SA then your 4-stroke outboard is covered for 3 years on the standard warranty, giving you 3 years’ peace of mind. For 2-stroke outboards the warranty is 1 year.

Commercial use in SOUTH AFRICA – 1 year

Starting 2012, 2-stroke and 4-stroke outboards registered for commercial use in South Africa carry a warranty of 1 year in 4-stroke and six months in 2-stroke.

The Suzuki warranty is subject to regular Authorized Suzuki Dealer servicing in accordance with the schedule published in the Owner’s Manual. Our Customer Services team will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

“Suzuki Warranty”, bringing you peace of mind in your “Way of Life”.


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  • Mariska says:

    Good day
    We want to send a warranty registration to your offices in Isando. (PO Box 823, Isando, 1600)
    This is the address that appears on the registration form.
    We did send it per registered mail, but the mail came back to us?
    Can you please assist with an address, where we can send this warranty?

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