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Suzuki Outboards Designed To Provide You With The Ultimate Boating Experience


Ecology and Economy features are included to benefit both the user and our environment with low maintenance cost and fuel efficiency but with low exhaust and environment protection features

Lean Burn Control System

DF9.9B and up – Excluding DF250/DF225/DF200, DF150W

The Lean Burn Control System supplies the appropriate amount of fuel and air mixture depending on the navigation conditions.

  • Significant improvement in fuel economy in all speed ranges especially at cruising speed.
  • Fuel is saved and gasoline costs are cut thanks to improved fuel economy.

Dual Injector


The dual injector delivers just the right amount of fuel at the right time into each cylinder.

  • Contributes to higher output and better fuel efficiency.

Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection

DF30A/DF25A, DF20A/DF15A/DF9.9B

This technology delivers quicker start, smoother operation, and more acceleration without a battery.

  • Quick and easy start.
  • Cleaner and economic fuel consumption.
  • Higher and smoother performance in almost all operating ranges.
  • Operates without battery.

Suzuki Clean Ocean Project

Suzuki Clean Ocean Project was created to show Suzuki’s commitment towards reducing marine plastic waste.

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