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Suzuki Outboards Designed To Provide You With The Ultimate Boating Experience

By 29th Jun 2021Product Features


Suzuki outboard owners benefit from several features to offer an easy and comfortable boating experience. This includes benefits like less vibration, comfortable outboard engine sound, light and compact features on smaller outboards as well as smooth decisive shifting and over all easy to use

Suzuki Selective Rotation

DF300AP/DF250AP, DF200AP/DF175AP/DF150AP

Function for selecting regular or counter rotation on one outboard with an optional connector and a counter rotation propeller.

  • Either regular or counter rotation can be used on the same outboard.

Quiet Operation

DF350A/DF325A/DF300B, DF200AP/DF175AP/DF150AP, DF200A/DF175A/DF150A, DF140BG/DF115BG

Intake noise is suppressed with a resonator, which makes the noise from the outboard quieter.

  • Less noise, making boating more pleasant.

Overhead Tank


The integral overhead fuel tank and one-way valve delivers fuel supply by using gravity.

  • Contributes to easy start.

Gas Assist System


Enables the outboard motor to be tilted up or down quickly with minimal force.

Suzuki Precision Control – Electronic Throttle and Shift System

DF350A/DF325A/DF300B, DF300AP/DF250AP/DF200AP/DF175AP/DF150AP, DF140BG/DF115BG

Operation from the remote control is delivered to the outboard via an electric signal and not by the traditional mechanical control cables.

  • Less friction and resistance compared to the mechanical type that uses actual control cables.
  • Combined with the Lean Burn Control System, it offers improved fuel economy for a wide range of speed.
  • Contributes to quick and reliable operation.

Three-Way Storage


The design allows the outboard to be removed from the boat and placed on any of its 3 sides for storage.

  • No need to worry about the loading space or method.

Suzuki Troll Mode System

Optional for remote control Models

DF40A and Up, excluding DFD250/DF225/DF200, DF250W, DF150W, and DF40AWQH

This system helps the boat running at a certain speed range in low revs.

  • Boat can keep running at a certain speed range in low revs without having to operate the throttle on the boat.
  • Gives you highly precise control at low revs.
  • Available with SMD, SMG, or Troll Mode Switch Panel

Suzuki Easy Start System

DF40A and Up – excluding the DF250/DF225/DF200, DF250W/DF150W

Simply turn the key and release, and the starter stays engaged until the engine starts. This system offers a smoother start of the engine.


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