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Suzuki Outboards Designed To Provide You With The Ultimate Boating Experience

By 22nd Jun 2021Product Features


Suzuki outboards are designed to provide the ultimate performance with smooth and quick acceleration at all operating ranges as well as powerful torque. To achieve this the following technologies are included

Offset Driveshaft

DF70 and up

The engine powerhead is positioned closer to the front, moving the outboard’s center of gravity forward.

  • Less vibration
  • More compact
  • Stable steering performance

High energy rotation


These outboard motors are equipped with gears designed with a 2.42 gear ratio, which is larger than the standard model, in their lower units. When combined with a large 36cm (14-inch) propeller, the powerful system can deliver an explosive forward thrust. This is ideal for heavy boats.

  • Powerful navigation and precise maneuvering even with big loads.
  • Increased power to turn large diameter propellers, offering quick acceleration.
  • Better hole shot.
  • Superior low speed handling.

Multi Stage Induction

DF250/DF225, DF200AP/DF175AP/DF150AP, DF200A/DF175A/DF150A, DF250W/DF150DW

Manifold pipes are switched between short and long during low speed and high speed operation to ensure the right volume of air enters the engine.

  • Increases output during high speed operation with greater volume of air input.
  • Increases combustion efficiency and maximizes torque by increasing the density of the air intake during low speed operation.

Direct Air Intake


Designing a direct airflow path from the intake port to the cylinder suppresses any increase in the intake temperature and improves combustion efficiency.

  • Delivers higher power output from a small displacement with improved combustion efficiency.

2-Stage Gear Reduction

DF70A and up

This system which incorporates the Offset Driveshaft features a first stage reduction between the crankshaft and drive shaft, and a second stage reduction inside the gear case. This design makes a larger gear ratio possible, allowing it to turn a large diameter propeller.

  • Increased power to turn large diameter propellers, offering quick acceleration.
  • High propulsive efficiency with large diameter propeller.
  • Powerful navigation, maintaining propeller rotation even with a larger load.

Suzuki Dual Prop System

DF350A/ DF325A/DF300B

The Suzuki Dual Prop System spins two propellers rotating in opposite directions on a single engine.

  • Achieve superior stability when driving straight by eliminating the lateral forces associated with a single propeller.
  • Engine power is transferred to the water more efficiently.
  • Powerful reverse thrust and braking force.
  • Less water resistance due to the small size of the gear case.
  • Good water gripping performance and quick startup acceleration.

VVT (Variable Valve Timing)

DF350A/DF325A/DF300B. DF300AP/DF250AP, DF250, DF250W, DF200AP/DF175AP/DF150AP, Df200A/DF175A

sed to control the opening and closing timing of the intake valve depending on the engine operation.

  • Offers smooth, powerful torque.
  • Provides increased acceleration during operation for all speed ranges.



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