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Suzuki Green

By 30th Mar 2020May 11th, 2020Brand, News

Everyone should do their part! We are…

In order to hand over the beautiful earth and affluent society to the next generations, Suzuki regards consideration to environmental issues such as global warming as one of the most important challenges for our business activities. We are aggressively promoting reduction of environmental impact that may be generated through our R&D, production, physical distribution, and marketing and office activities by establishing a group-wide environmental management system, while maintaining good communications with our individual stakeholders.

The three – tier plan

–         Green Policy

–         Green Technology and;

–         Green Activity

SUZUKI GREEN POLICY represents Suzuki’s environmental doctrine and policy, which includes environmental plan and guidelines.

SUZUKI GREEN TECHNOLOGY represents next-generation eco-friendly technologies developed and utilized by Suzuki, which includes new technologies such as low fuel consumption and weight reduction technologies, this includes Suzuki Marine Lean Burn Technology.

SUZUKI GREEN ACTIVITY represents Suzuki’s effort and activity on realizing the environmental policy, which includes various activities worked by each department such as development, production, and logistics for the control of global warming and promotion of environmental preservation.

As Suzuki Marine South Africa we have run several initiatives over the last couple of years hosting local clean – up projects and encouraging our dealers to do their part within their local communities.

As a member of the Suzuki Family we know that we can count on you to also do your part in handing over a beautiful earth for generations to follow. Go GREEN with SUZUKI.

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