Suzuki Branded Lures Now Available At Your Nearest Suzuki Dealer!

By 16th Mar 2021 Aug 4th, 2021 New products

Suzuki Marine Is proud to announce that we have made customized Suzuki branded lures which is available for you to purchase at your nearest Suzuki Marine Dealer.

Recommended retail price valued between R420.00 – R475.00 each.

Below is the types of Lures that we have in our dealer network.


Lure Name Description
Wildebees First choice for the long rigger positions when targeting small to mid- sized billfish.
Head Shape – Angled
Keel Weight –  Yes
Head Diameter – 39mm ( 1.5 in )
Head Length – 55mm ( 2.15 in )
Overall Length – 340mm ( 13.38 in )
Weight – 200 grams
Category: Medium Lures
Vuta Head Shape – Angled
Keel Weight –  Yes
Head Diameter – 36mm ( 1.4 in )
Head Length – 49mm ( 1.23 in )
Overall Length – 300mm ( 11.80 in )
Weight – 190 grams
Category: Small Lures
Plett Pusher The most sought after cup face, The Plett Pusher knows how to really push water. A great action and bubble trail mean only one thing…
Category: Medium Lures



Perfect for ever top water occasion, the 180 stickbait in sinking and floating will have you on the fish in no time. Match that with the ever popular popper and smaller jalapeno and you will have all the tools you need for the job.

Suzuki Marine SA

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