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Start The Ultimate Boating Lifestyle With Suzuki!

By 24th Oct 2019Sep 8th, 2020News, Start Boating

Boating exposes you to watersports, tranquil cruises, great networking possibilities, fishing, bird watching and endless family experiences. You can become part of this prestige’s lifestyle and add a whole new dimension to your social and family life.

You can start boating without the requirement of a skipper’s license if the boat is not longer than 3 meters and the outboard engine is maximum 15hp.

Suzuki offers Suzumar Inflatable boat packages starting at only R 27 500 for a 2.9m Suzumar with a DF2.5S outboard as pictured below. You can start boating from only R 27 500 so contact your nearest Suzuki dealer now!

In order to operate a boat with an outboard bigger than 15hp, you will need a Skippers License. Your basic license to operate your boat requires a theoretical exam and your Suzuki dealer will guide and assist you through this process.

To insure safety on the water all boats require safety equipment and the Suzuki dealer will insure that you have the correct and up to date equipment as required by regulation. The boat needs to be certified for fitness once a year by your dealer to insure your safety on the water.

Whether it is for leisure cruises, more exhilarating speeds, fishing, diving, water sports or just good family times, the Suzuki dealers have a boat to suit your needs and get you on the water.

As with anything, entering a new activity raises some uncertainties, but all information and guidance is given by the Suzuki dealers to ease you into the lifestyle.

Are you ready to start the ultimate boating lifestyle?

Click here to have a Suzuki Dealer introduce you to the luxurious boating lifestyle!

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