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Resolutions To Improve Your Boating Experience In 2021

By 1st Feb 2021News

If you are a serious boater, then you should definitely include boating matters in your New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s a stronger commitment to safety, or a commitment to upgrading your boat, make 2021 the year you up your game as a boat owner.

If you want to maximize your boating experience in the coming year, be sure to commit to the following resolutions.

Resolution #1: Spoil Yourself with Some New Accessories

Why not start by spoiling yourself, and everyone else you’re planning to take out on your boat this year, with a new toy to make days on the dam, lake or out at sea a lot more exciting? Think about some new towing toys – a towable tube for example. If you’re a fisherman, maybe it’s time to upgrade your rods or other equipment.

Resolution #2: Upgrade Your Technology

Now might be the time to splash out on a gadget. Marine electronics are improving all the time. Kick off the year by picking one piece of exciting new tech and install it on your boat.

Resolution #3: Upgrade Your Life Jackets

You’ve probably been using the same lifejackets for years now, so it might be time to buy some new ones. When you do so, look for one of the many new designs that are constantly being designed by the makers of flotation devices. Most of the innovations are intended to make jackets more comfortable so that people have less resistance to wearing them. As the skipper of your boat, one of your main responsibilities is to ensure the safety of everyone else on your boat. So new lifejackets are an investment well worth making.

Resolution #4: Upgrade Your Skills

No matter how experienced you are, there is always something new to learn. Why not take the opportunity this year to boost your skills and knowledge by taking a class or course to upgrade your abilities as a skipper?

Resolution #5: Do More Boating!

Make a commitment to getting out on the water more than you did in 2020. We all promise ourselves that we will do more of what we love, but then other commitments get in the way. The only way to keep to your commitments is to schedule them: set a specific day aside every month and make that your boating day. Mark it on your calendar and stick to it.

Visit your Suzuki Dealer and see what new items they have to make your boating better!

Suzuki wishes you many enjoyable boating hours in 2021!

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