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Why A Pontoon Boat Could Be Ideal For You?

By 22nd Jul 2020Jul 29th, 2020Start Boating

It’s a flat boat that relies on pontoons, which are air-tight hollow tubes that are designed to provide buoyancy. The wide deck on pontoon boats allow nice deck plans fitted with all sorts of accommodations like lounge areas, sun pads and even stand-up bars.

A pontoon boat is great for fishing, parties, strolling and spending quality time with family and friends in the great outdoors.

It’s a watercraft that allows plenty of room for children to move about, plus it offers a great amount of storage space. You can comfortably bring in with you all your equipment like fishing or hunting gear, as well as day trip necessities like clothes, food, extra towels, life jackets, ice chests and more.

Pontoon boats are not intimidating to use for those who have never driven a boat before. It you’re planning to start boating, this is the perfect watercraft to start in. It’s easier to drive compared to other boat options, with its simple control panel and steady handling. Plus, it’s easier to dock than other vessels.

It’s also It’s the most versatile craft you can find, and whatever you plan to do, you can accommodate it. You want to fish? You want to host a party? You want to swim or snorkel or dive? Or you simply want to have a vessel to lounge and relax under the sun? A pontoon boat can help with these all.

When talking about size of a pontoon boat, the first thing that comes to mind is the size of the deck. The deck provides a usable space on the boat, so you must decide on the size based on the body of water you’ll use it in and the number of people you plan to bring with you on your boating escapades.

Here’s a general guideline:

16-19 feet – Accommodates up to 8 people; great for small and calm bodies of water

20-22 feet – Accommodates up to 13 people; great for lakes and rivers that doesn’t produce big waves

23-27 feet – Accommodates up to 15 people; great for rough waters, especially if tubes are 27 inches long too

If you plan to use your boat for tubing, skiing, diving and other water sports, select a boat that that offers easy access in and out of the water, plus a powerful engine that can easily bring you to your desired depth. If you want to do some water skiing, wakeboarding or any other sport where you need to be towed, you must look for a boat with a faster engine.

If you want a boat that can occupy your large group of friends, you can focus less on the engine and select a boat with ample conversational seating. A boat that offers built-in cooler and storage for food and drinks is also a great choice.

If you simply want to use your boat for lounging, sunbathing, choose a padded sundeck for comfort. A boat that offers a built-in sound system is a big plus.

If you want to fish, you may not also need a powerful engine. Focus on the deck space and specialty fishing activities such as rod holder, live well, fish locator and fishing chairs.

But don’t worry if you plan to do more than one of these activities. As mentioned earlier, pontoon boats are incredibly versatile. You don’t have to sacrifice one activity to accommodate another. Instead, decide if the boat you choose can be maximized to do the things you plan to do with it.

The length of the deck is different from tube length. The tubes of a pontoon boat brings buoyancy, and it determines performance and capacity. The greater the diameter of the tube, the more satisfying your boating experience will be, since larger diameter offers more stability and speed. All toons must also have 3 or 4 air-tight chambers to keep it safe in case a chamber would be punctured.



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