Maximising fuel economy and performance with the largest reduction gear ratio in its class for quick acceleration and top-end speed.


O2 sensor feedback system

The O2 Sensor Feedback Control system helps maintain optimum engine operating efficiency across the engine’s full operating range.



R163 500
R166 000

Maximizing Fuel Economy, Maximizing Performance

Suzuki engineers have delivered outboards that offer the great fuel economy without sacrificing on performance and employ advanced technologies that Suzuki has pioneered over the last decade. The DF115A incorporate the Suzuki Lean Burn System—the same system that has been delivering remarkable fuel economy on Suzuki’s award winning flagship, the DF300AP, as well as the DF20A/15A and DF40A through DF90A outboards.

The Suzuki Lean Burn System allows the engine to operate on a leaner, more efficient fuel mixture providing significant improvements in fuel efficiency while still providing the power. These engines also incorporate an O2.

Sensor Feedback System that keeps emissions cleaner and more stable, thus reducing impact on the environment. The outboards feature new engine covers designed with an aggressive, progressive and powerful form that proudly carry Suzuki’s “S” mark embossed on the front.

Suzuki outboards are built with decades of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of motorcycle, automobile, and marine engines. Built with the needs of today’s boaters in mind to help you go further, faster, for less.


Main Features of the New DF115A

  • 2,044cm3 DOHC 16-valve High Performance Engine
  • Suzuki Lean Burn Control System
  • O2 Sensor Feedback Control System
  • Knock Sensor
  • Suzuki Water Detecting System
  • Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Suzuki Troll Mode System (Optional)
  • Multi function tiller handle (Optional)

Suzuki Lean Burn Control System

Recognizing a need for more fuel-efficient outboards, Suzuki developed and introduced its innovative Suzuki Lean Burn Control System on the DF90A/80A/70A outboards, which received great acclaim from boaters and the media alike. The system predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions allowing the engine to run on a more efficient fuel mixture through the use of a lean air to fuel ratio. Its benefits are delivered over a wide operating range providing significant improvements in fuel economy from low-speed operation up into the cruising range.

Cleaner, More Efficient Operation

Suzuki utilizes a number of its advanced technologies to deliver cleaner, more efficient operation that conforms to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) – Directive 2003/44EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, and has received three-star ratings from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

O2 Sensor Feedback Control System

Like Suzuki’s flagship DF300AP, the DF115A feature an O2 Sensor Feedback Control system that keeps emissions cleaner and more stable. By controlling the air to fuel ratio across each of the engine’s operating ranges, the system provides an optimum amount of fuel to the engine regardless of rpm.

DOHC 4-Valve Engine

Suzuki has a long history of designing and manufacturing engines for motorcycle, automobile, and marine use. Drawing upon this unrivaled experience Suzuki engineers have designed an in-line four cylinder engine that delivers high power output, high performance, excellent fuel economy, and efficient operation. With a displacement of 2,044cm3, the in-line four-cylinder block is topped with a high performance 16-valve, dual overhead cam (DOHC) powerhead.

Obtaining Maximum Performance

The DF115Autilize an enhanced air intake system that maximizes airflow into the engine to obtain greater power output. In order for this system to achieve full potential, greater exhaust efficiency is required as well, so the engines are designed with an efficient “4 into 2 into 1” exhaust system that reduces drag in the exhaust letting it flow smoothly out of the cylinders. This design increases low to mid-range torque on these outboards and provides the wide powerband that boaters want. The DF115A also features a two-stage reduction gear that delivers the torque needed to turn a large diameter propeller. This is normally done using larger gears or a larger gearbox, but Suzuki has long employed a two-stage system that provides the required torque without adding unwanted bulk or weight to the engine. With a final drive ratio of 2.59, these outboards produce plenty of torque for quick acceleration.

New Engine Cover Design

The DF115Afeature all new engine cover designs that deliver an aggressive and powerful look. Going beyond looks, their designs are the result of research by Suzuki engineers on delivering maximum cooling efficiency for the engine—an excellent integration of form and function.

Offset Driveshaft

Suzuki outboards from the DF70A up incorporate an offset driveshaft that positions the powerhead forward of the drive shaft. This configuration moves the outboard’s center of gravity forward resulting in better weight distribution on the transom and contributes to directional stability. The offset driveshaft also moves the axis of inertia, the point where vibrations are produced, up over the engine mount, which reduces engine vibration.

Knock Sensor

The DF140A and DF115A are the Suzuki’s first four cylinder outboards featuring a knock sensor. Found on some V6 models, this system is used to detect and control abnormal combustion allowing the engine to operate at optimum performance. The system increases engine durability and helps deliver maximum power.

Suzuki Water Detecting System

Water in the fuel can lead to problems that include poor combustion, lower power output, and corrosion. The Suzuki Water Detecting System is designed to help protect the engine from moisture in the fuel utilizing a water detecting fuel filter to alert the operator with both visual and audio warnings when water is present in the fuel. The filter also designed to let you check for water visually.

Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection

Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection is Suzuki’s sophisticated fuel injection system found on Suzuki outboards from the DF40A to DF 300A. The system uses a 32-bit computer in the electronic control unit to monitor vital operating data gathered from a series of sensors located in critical areas on the engine. Processing this data in real time, the system automatically calculates the optimum amount and exact timing of fuel to be injected at high pressure into the combustion chamber. Benefits include smoother and faster acceleration, crisp throttle response, maximum fuel economy, low emissions, and quick, reliable starts.

Trim and Tilt Limit System

The trim and tilt limit system is designed to help protect the boat from damage that can occur when tilting the outboard. A tilt angle sensor performs as both a tilt limit and trim sender and a step-free, continuous type tilt limiter makes installation of the outboard possible on nearly any type of boat.

Suzuki Anti Corrosion Finish

Suzuki’s Anti Corrosion Finish is specially formulated to increase the durability of the engine and help protect parts of the outboard’s aluminium exterior. This advanced finish is designed for maximum bonding of the finish to the outboard’s aluminium surface, creating an effective treatment against corrosion.

Suzuki Troll Mode System (Optional)

The Suzuki Troll Mode System is optionally available on all three outboards. This system provides finer control over engine speed at low rpms keeping the boat moving at a steady speed while trolling. When the system is engaged, engine speed is controlled with an independent control switch that adjusts engine revs in 50rpm increments over a range that spans from idle to 1,200rpm. In addition to the controls switch, which can be mounted nearly anywhere on the console, the system includes a tachometer and is compatible with Suzuki’s SMIS digital gauges or the dual scale analogue gauges.





ultra long






lean burn


The Lean Burn Control System supplies the right fuel and air mixture depending on the navigation conditions.

  • Significant improvement in fuel economy in all speed ranges especially at cruising speed.
  • Fuel is saved and gasoline costs are cut thanks to improved fuel economy.
self-adjusting timing chain


The timing chain runs in an oil-bath so it never needs lubricating, and is equipped with an automatic hydraulic tensioner so it remains properly adjusted at all times.

  • More durability compared to belt types of same class.
  • Maintenance-free.
water detecting system


It helps protect the engine from water in the fuel using a water detecting fuel filter to alert the operator with both visual and audio warnings when water is present in the fuel.

  • Can avoid water in fuel, which can lead to issues like poor combustion, lower power output and corrosion.



ENGINE TYPE 4-Stroke DOHC 16-Valve
FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
TRANSOM HEIGHT mm (in.) L:508 (20), X:635 (25)
DRY WEIGHT kg (Ibs.) L:182 (401.3), X:187 (412.3)
including battery cable, not including propeller and engine oil
PISTON DISPLACEMENT cm3 (cu.in.) 2,044 (124.7)
BORE x STROKE mm (in.) 86×88 (3.4×3.5)
MAXIMUM OUTPUT kW(PS)/rpm 84.6 (115)/5500
STEERING Remote/Tiller
OIL PAN CAPACITY Lit (U.S. / Imp. qt.) 5.5 (5.8/4.8)
IGNITION SYSTEM Fully-transistorized
TRIM METHOD Power Trim and Tilt
EXHAUST Through Prop Hub Exhaust
PROPELLER SIZE (in.) Aluminum Series
Diameter x Pitch 14 × 17                                   14-1/4 x 18*
14 × 19                                   14-1/4 x 20*
14 × 21                                   14-1/4 x 22*
14 × 23                                   14-1/4 x 24*
* Counter Rotation Propeller available 13-1/2 × 15                               13-7/8 x 15


50 years of leading the way in innovation – from bringing the down thrust propeller system to market in 1965, to introducing the world’s first 300HP V6 4-Stroke outboard in 2006.



As well as offering a three-year leisure or 1-year commercial warranty on all of our 4-stroke outboards, we also have a nationwide network of Suzuki Authorised Dealers who are always on hand to provide support wherever you are, whenever you need it.



As every engine in our range is designed specifically for the rigours of marine use our 4-Stroke outboards provide quiet, fuel-efficient and reliable technology whilst delivering market-leading power and performance.