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How to get your boat registration number?

By 8th Jul 2021Start Boating

Your boat needs to be registered with SAMSA. A boat registration number acts as a number plate for your boat. This must be clearly visible on both sides of the boat at all times.

The boat number can be printed by the owner but must be displayed in a bold easy readable font. The minimum size for the number to be displayed is 100 mm high and the letter 25 mm wide. The last letter of the registration indicates the category in which the boat’s COF is issued.

This must be displayed in contrasting colors that it is easy readable on the back ground of the boat hull.

The registration number is issued to the owner, therefor it is the responsibility of the owner to remove the boat registration number once the boat is sold or permanently taken off the water.

You must have the boat registration number before you take your boat for its certificate of fitness, as the number must be displayed on the boat in order for you to meet the requirements for the COF certificate.

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