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How Suzuki Fights Corrosion

By 29th Jul 2020Technical Advice

Suzuki utilizes a unique four-part system to fight the effects of saltwater corrosion, beginning with the use of high-grade aluminium alloy for metal castings. A thorough chemical cleaning process prepares the casting ensuring superior adhesion of surface coatings.

The parts are then submerged in an electrified bath of chromium oxide. The bath changes the make-up of the casting’s surface and creates an invisible barrier that becomes integrated as part of the casting.

Finally, an extremely hard and resilient epoxy resin primer is baked on, and a top coat of Melamine resin marine grade paint is applied to the castings. Suzuki’s casting and finishing process protects the outboard and effectively seals out saltwater.

Suzuki’s anti-corrosion system does not stop at casting construction and finishing. All Suzuki outboards feature sacrificial zinc anodes strategically placed internally and externally. These replaceable anodes fight corrosion and preserve overall engine integrity. Additionally, the use of specialized marine-grade stainless steel and Dacromate coated hardware for key components ensure superior corrosion protection in even the harshest environments.

Another key element in Suzuki’s anti-corrosion system is specialized marine-grade stainless steel, used for propellers, propeller shafts, drive-shafts, shift rods and more. Stainless steel is also used for bolts, nuts and washers exposed to saltwater.

As part of the Suzuki advanced anti-corrosion system, the water pump housings on all prop-driven Suzuki outboards are also durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This feature ensures that corrosion does not form within the water pump – and thus will not interfere with the all-important cooling function of the engine.

In addition to all of these corrosion fighting features, the one-piece engine hood and baffled air induction systems on Suzuki outboard engines effectively seal the powerhead from saltwater.

This advanced anti-corrosion system has earned Suzuki engines an enviable reputation for reliability, durability and corrosion resistance from coast to coast – especially where corrosion is worst.

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