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How Do You Enhance Efficiency?

By 14th Aug 2020Technical Advice
battery-less electronic fuel injection

Use the propeller that best suits your boat and style of boating.

Propeller size and pitch can have a great effect on fuel efficiency. Too much pitch can overload the motor. Too little can result in over-revving and engine damage. Suzuki offers a wide selection of propellers to meet anyone’s needs.

Use the highest quality gasoline and oil available.

Low octane, stale or contaminated fuel simply doesn’t burn as efficiently as fresh, high-grade gasoline. The same holds true for oil, as cheap, low-quality oils can foul spark plugs and create deposits. Use Suzuki oil to ensure quality.

semi-synthetic marine oil

It is a good idea to look through all storage areas of your boat.

Check all of your safety gear and replace the broken or worn out items as necessary.

Keep your engine tuned up.

Periodically replace the spark plugs, fuel filters and other components that affect fuel efficiency.

Check your owner’s manual for the recommended service schedule.

If you don’t feel comfortable servicing the outboard engine yourself, take it to your marine dealer.

Make sure the bottom of your boat is as clean as possible.

If you keep your boat in the water, have the bottom cleaned often of growths such as barnacles and algae. And make sure any bottom paint (EPA-approved) is applied smoothly, with brush strokes running parallel to the keel.

Trim your engine for maximum fuel economy

The trim angle can strongly influence fuel economy.

Check your owner’s manual or see your marine dealer for the proper trim techniques.

Operate your boat in a reasonable and safe manner.

Don’t operate your boat at excessive speed, and use extra throttle only when necessary.

Not only is it safer, but you’ll maximize your fuel efficiency as well

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