Yeld Cat Marine

The roots of Yeld Cat Marine began in 1970 with the Zulucat, designed and built by Peter Yeld as a platform for spearfishing and game fishing off the coast of Zululand and Mozambique.

This boat was built with the intention of personal use but as demand grew production for customers began at the St. Lucia Garage. Further development was 17.6′ Yeldcat and 15.6′ Vidalcat in the 1980’s. The 18.6′ and 19′ Yeldcat were manufactured in the 1990’s and eventually led to the 21′ in 2000. These were built in Monzi and thus became Monzi Boat Builders.

Current models comprise of the 16′ which supersedes the dated 15.6′ Vidalcat. The other two models are the 17′ and 21′ Yeldcat, all of which are available in the forward and centre console versions.

In 2010 Peter’s sons, namely Mark, Shaun & Craig Yeld officially took over the business and formed the new name of Yeld Cat Marine cc.


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