As the oldest Suzuki Outboard dealer in the Cape we are passionate about our engines, our boats, and most of all, about the environment in which they are used. Born from the need to provide safe, cost effective and practical boats for our unpredictable seas at the “Fairest Cape of Them All”, we have been supplying boats and engines for the recreational and commercial fishing community for many years. Our service is our pride and we strive to offer our customers the very best service at the most competitive pricing.

Although the Cape is fair, sometimes our seas are not. For this reason we demand a product that is reliable, economical to run and has a lower cost of ownership than the competition…to this end, SUZUKI fits the bill. Our product support is unmatched, our local spares holding is the best and our commitment is complete.

We run our own charter boats on Suzuki engines and in 13 years of operation we have covered almost 100 000 nautical miles in our boats. We have never had a breakdown that resulted in us having to call for assistance to get back to harbour. As keen deep-sea fishermen ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining vessels in supreme condition, both from a reliability and safety perspective.

Our efficient service department will do regular checkups, services and modifications and additions to your vessel.

We build the 8.6m (28ft) Ocean Runner monohull ski-boat that is arguably the finest commercial ski-boat available. On the smaller side, we also supply the superb Ski-craft CAT15. There are literally hundreds of very happy CAT15 owners out there.

To see the boats and accessories we currently have on offer, pay us a visit at 91 George Street, Strand.


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