Come Over To The Dark Side With Suzuki Marine’s New Outboard Range!

By 12th Dec 2017 May 12th, 2020 New products, News

Suzuki to update its range of ultimate four stroke outboards with new colours and decals

Suzuki New Colour 1

South Auto Africa South Africa, distributors of Suzuki Marine outboards, is excited to announce the arrival of the sleek, new 2017 range of outboard models to the Southern African market. The 2017 range have been given a sophisticated and stylish overhaul with the launch of a new colour and graphics, which are sure to turn heads on and off the water.

First used on its new DF6A portables launched last year, the new colour finish is a deep and premium looking black to match the superior quality of the technology underneath the cowling. The new Pearl Nebular Black colour will be used as the standard colour on its entire range of ultimate four stroke outboards from now onwards.

Suzuki’s striking new colour option is characterised by its deep, dark black finish, inlayed with blue micro-metal flakes which absorb light and sparkle under the sun’s reflection – a dramatic update from the previous Shadow Black Metallic finish.

Suzuki New Colour 2

As well as the colour update, the new models also feature renewed graphics with eye-catching decals that have been simplified, yet still remain bold to provide a more modern and polished look overall.

Suzuki’s drive by wire series (DF150AP, DF200AP and DF300AP), are distinguished by 3D monochromatic graphics and a solid emblem, to give an even higher sense of quality and a standout look.

Suzuki Marine South Africa will also offer limited stock of the modern looking Cool White outboards, allowing customers to pick the colour that best suits their boat.

Suzuki New Colour 4

To guard against corrosion and to keep your outboard looking in pristine condition, Suzuki will continue to use its own specially formulated Suzuki Anti-Corrosion Finish. Applied directly to the outboard’s aluminium alloy, this finish provides maximum bonding of the finish to the aluminium surface. Layering an epoxy primer undercoat, black metallic (or white) finish, and clear acrylic fibre finish on top of this forms an effective treatment against corrosion, protecting those parts of the outboard’s aluminium alloy that are constantly exposed to saltwater.

While the range has seen a dramatic update on the outside, they still offer the same features and innovations Suzuki is known for underneath the outboard housing. Suzuki is known for being technological pioneers and our multi-award winning products provide more value with features that are unique to Suzuki Marine, such as Lean Burn fuel technology, offset driveshaft and maintenance-free timing chains, just to name a few.

Suzuki New Colour 5

The new Pearl Nebular Black colour option offers a more modern and edgy look for Suzuki’s more style conscious customers who want their boat and motor to look the part on the water, while still offering the same boating made better practically and performance to boot.

Mr. Yasuharu Osawa, Executive General Manager, Global Marine & Power Products Operations for Suzuki Motor Corporation, said, “This is another step forward for our product offering, to keep it fresh and in line with current design trends. I think the new colour matches the quality of our outboards very well and I am sure that the new decals will prove to be a hit with customers.”

The new Suzuki Marine 2017 outboard range is available now. Contact your local dealer for pricing or for more information.


Suzuki New Colour 6