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The Benefits Of Aluminium Boats

By 19th Aug 2020Aug 21st, 2020Start Boating

The most common materials boats are built from are aluminium and fibreglass. But that raises the question: which one is right for you? Each have their own benefits and costs, which you can find below.

Pros and cons of aluminium boats

Aluminium is a tough metal, taking impacts and grazes like a champion. But how long do aluminium boats last in the long term? Well, if the required upkeep is undertaken, they can have a remarkably long boating life. The biggest downside you may face, however, is that a long ride in some aluminium boats can become uncomfortable.

Pros and cons of fiberglass boats

Aesthetic and smooth on all bodies of water, buying a fiberglass boat is an easy choice for many boaters. Although, both the fiberglass and wood (if it features timber reinforcements) are vulnerable to rot, if they absorb water and not maintained correctly.

Everyone will value the pros and cons of fiberglass boats differently. So it’s up to you to decide if it fits what you’re after, or if an aluminium boat is the ideal choice.

Aluminium Fiberglass
Pros Cons Pros Cons



Noisy on rough water

Less comfortable cruise

Potential corrosion

Sleek design

Simple repairs

Easy maintenance

Potential osmosis

Potential wood rot

More maintenance

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