9 Reasons why the Suzuki DF200AP is the Best

By 19th Jan 2016 May 12th, 2020 News, Product Features

Reason 1

Lean Burn

Incorporating SUZUKI’s Lean Burn technology enables these outboards to deliver low fuel consumption.


Reason 2

Large reduction gear ratio delivers great power output.

A two – stage gear reduction system delivers a large reduction gear ratio 2.50:1.


Reason 3

Larger displacement delivers greater power output, which is 2,867cc in line four cylinder “Big Block” engine.


Reason 4

Quiet Operation

Suzuki engineers go to great lengths incorporating methods designed to keep outboard operation as quiet as possible.


Reason 5

Semi – Direct Air Intake System

Incorporated into the cowl is a semi-direct air intake system that delivers cooler air directly to the engine’s tuned multi – stage induction module.


Reason 6

High Compression Ratio

A higher 10.2:1 compression ratio generates impressive acceleration and low – end torque.



Reason 7

Suzuki Precision Control (Electronic Throttle and Shift Systems)

Suzuki Precision Control is a computer – based throttle and shift system that replaces mechanical control cables with a digital fly-by-wire system to eliminate friction and resistance in the controls.


Reason 8

Suzuki Selective Rotation

Once requiring the purchase of a dedicated counter – rotation model, Suzuki’s innovative Suzuki Selective Rotation eliminates that need by incorporating a special, unified design of gears, shaft, and bearings in the lower unit that allow the outboard to operate reliably and efficiently in either direction.


Reason 9

New Attractive Accessories

Suzuki Keyless Start System (Optional)

Suzuki’s new Keyless Start system utilises a proximity key – fob that transmit an access code to the engines starting system.


Multi-Function Gauge

Our new generation gauge is the first in its class with a genuine colour display as standard, as well as enabling you to check all the performance information with just one gauge at a glance.