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5 Ways To Prep Your Boat For A Summer Of Entertaining

By 5th Oct 2021News

If there’s ever a time to enjoy boating, it’s during the warm weather. With summer on the way, setting your boat up to be the most entertainment-friendly it can be, means you’ll certainly get the most use out of it during the season.

Top Ways to Ensure Your Boat is Ready for Summer

We’ve compiled a list of five top ways you can make sure your boat is prepped for summer and ready for that on board entertainment.

  1. Conduct Your Post-Winter Checks

Getting your boat ready for summer might also mean bringing it out of storage where it might have been sitting for a good few months. It’s important to check your boat after winter before you begin using it for summer entertainment. You’ll want to conduct a full maintenance check and so it is the ideal moment to do your outboards’ annual service.

  1. Consider a Tune-Up

To get your boat ready for a summer of relaxing and fun, you might want to tune-up and upgrade so that it’s the best it can be. Having a tune-up can maximise the efficiency of your boat, such as its fuel capabilities, which means maximum summer potential.

  1. Check Your Batteries Too

If your boat has been sitting unused for a while before summer hits, you’ll want to check your batteries, too. Many electronics on board, like GPS, can drain batteries, so check levels and also check for corrosion — or even if your batteries need to be fully replaced in time for summer entertainment.

  1. Check You Have All Safety Gear

If you’re heading out on the water for summer or maybe hosting warm weather gatherings with guests, then safety gear is a must. Check your boat for life jackets, bells, whistles and any other safety must-haves to ensure a safe voyage.

  1. Maintain Your Boat Bottom

Scrape, sand, and treat any build-up on your boat bottom which may have accumulated during periods of inactivity. You may also want to give your boat bottom a fresh coat of anti-fouling paint to protect it. This will all make sure that your boat can run more efficiently and speedily during your summer ventures, as drag will be reduced.


Get summer ready and make sure your boat is entertainment-friendly with these five great tips. Maintenance is a must after long winter months, but with these quick methods, you can have your boat ready to take on the summer weather in no time.

We recommend not to delay until November and December when boat shops are very busy and rather do it before, ideally at the end of winter.

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